Earn Money

Polytrack.fun New Update! Monetize Your Tracks! 

Hey Polytrack players We've got some exciting news that will amp up your excitement for creating on Polytrack.fun!  Now, you can monetize your tracks and start earning money! Here's how you can become a Builder and get in on the action:

  • Create Account At Polytrack.fun website.
  • Start Submiting only your own tracks.

✨ How to Get the Builder Role ✨

  1. Build at Least 10 Maps : Show off your creativity by designing at least 10 unique maps. After than submit monetization request from your profile page.
  2. Create Decent, Well-Decorated Maps : Make sure your maps are not just playable but also visually appealing!
  3. Acceptable Categories :
    • Full Speed Maps 
    • RPG Maps 
    • Kacky Maps 
    • Normal Maps 
  4. Moderation Review : Our dedicated Polytrack.fun moderators will review your tracks and decide if you qualify for the Builder role.

Why Become a Builder?

Exclusive Builder Role: Stand out in the community with a special role.

 Monetize Your Tracks: Once you're a Builder, you can start earning money from your submitted Tracks(Maps). 

 Join the Elite Creators: Be part of an exclusive group of creators making Polytrack game with polytrack.fun even more awesome!

Monetise & Earnings : Earn $0.20 to $4  USD per 1000 Views on your maps! ( CPM are based on post viewer locations )

Payout Method : PayPal ( Global ) & UPI ( India )

Minimum Payout : $5 USD ( If your balance is less than $5 USD then your payout can not processed )

Payout Date : Last date of month. ( You can create payout request from your profile page )

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into map creation, earn your Builder role, and start making money with your amazing maps designs! Let's build something extraordinary together on Polytrack.fun for Polytrack Game